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Solar Energy Training Programs

Partner for Solar Energy training – Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES):

Renewable energy is currently one of the most required and sought-after areas in the country. Going forward there would be a huge requirement of skilled manpower at various levels in this sector and in our quest to provide our clients, access to innovative, high quality learning solutions that are internationally benchmarked we partner with the best in business.

Our partner GSES for the renewable energy (Solar energy) training is a leading organization; well established in renewable energy engineering, training and consultancy.

GSES’s Solar Energy training services are available worldwide. Internationally, they undertake to guarantee the quality of all their training programs irrespective of where it is delivered. GSES follows international best practices and competency standards and accreditation requirements to develop the content and deliverables of its PV training courses. Please visit www.gses.in for more details. Also attached is a brief profile of GSES.

GSES is well connected internationally to various solar industry networks and professional bodies. Their courses are widely recognized and respected in the industry. The qualified candidates are recommended to industries for placement after successful completion of training.

Training offerings

Solar Energy training offering is broadly classified into three categories:

  • Professional Advantage Training
  • Technical Advantage Training
  • Business Advantage Training

Professional Advantage Training

Professional Advantage training is available to candidates for engineering service delivery at a professional level in the solar industry.

Assessment outcomes for these courses are rigorous and match the level of training required internationally to attain this level of professional qualification. Certificates of Attainment are issued on successful completion of these courses.

Professional Advantage Training is:

  • A premier training and offers a guaranteed ticket into the solar industry worldwide.
  • Equal to the requirements of a professional qualification in Australia.

Technical Advantage Training

Technical Advantage training courses represent vocational education training. These courses deliver professional development to industry members ranging from renewable energy corporations’ personnel to skilled or semi-skilled technicians.

Technical Advantage training courses provide a Certificate of Completion to participants who have attended the entire duration of the course and has successfully completed an assessment task or process based on this material.

Technical Advantage Training provides:

  • Professional development for Solar Professionals.
  • Gives in-depth training on specific, specialised areas of the industry.

Business Advantage Training

Courses undertaken at this training level include practical and technical industry concepts and practices. These concepts fall outside the Professional Advantage and Technical Advantage courses. This training will not be assessed; a Certificate of Attendance may be issued for these courses.

Business Advantage Training:

  • Information for those entering the solar industry
  • Provides introductory training on areas of the renewable energy industry with a view to increase employment opportunities.

Course Details

In the following table, we have suggested some of our existing courses from the three areas mentioned above which can be customized, updated or even developed as per specified requirement.

Course Title Technical capability acquired
after course completion
Professional Advantage Course on Solar PV Systems Design, Installation & Maintenance Professional competency to design, install and maintain a grid-connected and off-grid PV system Engineering degree or diploma or a degree in science with basic understanding of electrical engineering.
Professional Advantage Course on Grid connected Solar PV Systems Design and Installation Professional competency to design, install and maintain a grid-connected PV system Engineering degree or diploma or a degree in science with basic understanding of electrical engineering.
Technical Advantage Course on Grid-connected PV Systems: Design and Installation Technical knowledge to design and installation best practices of a grid-connected PV system Engineers or technical professionals having good exposure to solar PV and project design/ development
Technical Advantage Course on Standalone Solar Power Supply Systems Design and Installation Technical knowledge to design and installation best practices of a standalone solar power system Engineers or technical professionals having good exposure to solar PV and project design/ development
Business Advantage Course for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Managers on Renewable Energy Project Management Technical and management knowledge on solar power project development Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Managers willing to engage in solar power project development
Business Advantage Course for Start-ups and Business Executives on Solar Power System Fundamentals Fundamental technical and business knowledge on solar power business Start-ups, business executives willing to engage in solar power business

Course Accreditation

The certification of solar courses is generally implemented at country level by the respective authorized certification body/agency of the respective countries. Therefore, a certified person in one country may not be legally certified for another country.

However, there are very few international training providers like GSES whose courses qualify international competency standards.

  • GSES develops and delivers solar PV training courses in accordance with international competency standards and accreditation requirements.
  • GSES India is affiliated to Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ) under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), government of India as a training partner and provides trainings under the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).
  • Within Australia (Head Office), GSES is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), responsible for development and delivery of Solar PV accreditation training both in its own national and international competency standards.
  • The courses are fully recognized by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and the Certified courses and systems are licensed to and used by Australian TAFE institutions and private training providers.


Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES) is an Australian-based multi-disciplinary organisation specialising in professional services and training across the Renewable Energies sector and comprises a team of highly experienced systems engineers, designers and installers and accredited trainers. GSES is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, responsible for development and delivery of Solar PV accreditation training with international competency standards.

GSES Principal trainers have over 25 years of experience in renewable energy planning; engineering design; tender preparation and evaluation; techno-commercial due diligence and project implementation. Our trainers have authored and co-authored several books and training manuals on solar PV system design installation, maintenance and inspection.

Selected publications of principal trainers are –

  • Grid Connected PV System Design and Installation
  • Standalone Photovoltaic Design & Installation
  • Solar PV System Inspection and Evaluation
  • Training manuals for solar PV technicians
  • Grid connected PV systems with battery storage
  • Solar Entrepreneurs Handbook

GSES Experience

GSES has successfully developed consultancy business based on proven industry experience in renewable energy technologies. GSES expertise covers both on and off grid renewable energy resources, as well as commercial aspects of renewable energy technology systems and integrated energy supply solutions.

Area in which GSES has expertise include:

  • Project management services for developing solar power projects
  • Site assessment and demand aggregation for distributed rooftop programmes
  • Techno- commercial feasibility study and detailed project report preparation
  • Engineering design, BoQ preparation and cost estimation
  • O&M planning and spare parts strategy
  • Techno commercial due diligence and peer review
  • Lender’s independent engineering services
  • Owner’s engineering services
  • Renewable energy planning and project design
  • Grid integration and load flow analysis for distributed solar power generation
  • Resources assessment and energy generation estimation
  • Procurement management – tender document preparation and support in evaluation
  • PV System audit and recommendations to improve project performance & life
  • Supervision and quality assurance during construction
  • Testing and commissioning documentation and support
  • Development of technical training curriculum and capacity building programs

GSES has a diverse portfolio, and is experienced in both government and private enterprise in relation to system engineering, design, audit and education.

The strength and expertise has presented GSES with opportunities to work in partnership with high profile organisations such as World Bank, MNRE, ADB, UNHCR, UNDP, UN WOMEN, USAID, USICEF, GIZ, CLEAN, TIFAC, USAID, Climate Parliament etc.

Quality Management System:

GSES operates a total quality system that is designed to ensure that all work carried out meets the needs of our clients. GSES India is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for its Quality Assurance System. The company is committed to operating a quality system in accordance with the internationally recognised standard of ISO 9001, and to assist with this, all staff are responsible for the quality of their own work and adherence to quality procedures.

DCRP Certified

Training on

Grid Connected PV Systems Design and Installation


The 5 day course covers fundamental principles behind working of a grid-connected PV system, use of different components in the system, methodology of sizing these components to create a well-functioning system, and methodology of evaluating financial performance of the system.

The course also includes a description of procedures to conduct site surveys for system sizing and installation and performing commissioning and maintenance activities in accordance with international standards relating to grid-connected solar PV systems.

Target Audience:

Engineers or technical professionals having good exposure to solar PV and project design/ development


  • Brief on different renewable energy sources
  • Overview of Grid connected PV (GCPV) systems
  • Solar PV Technology Overview
  • Grid connected Inverter & Balance of system overview
  • PV Mounting Systems & Foundations
  • Site Survey and Assessments
  • Solar Energy Generation Estimation
  • Grid integration and cost benefit analysis
  • Permits, Clearances and Safety Aspects of GCPV systems
  • Designing of a Grid connected Rooftop PV system
  • GCPV system installation & commissioning
  • Designing of MW scale PV project
  • Use of software tools
  • Delivery methodology:

    Theory, Exercises & Assessments, Demonstration and Hands-on Practical, Hands-on installation practice with grid-direct systems.


    • Book on Grid Connected PV Systems Design and Installation
    • Workbook, Power point presentations, design tasks, energy yield exercises
    • Equipment, accessories and tools for demonstration

    Delivery Experience & Background:

    • A consortium of Renewable Energy System Engineers, Trainers, Designers and Installers, collectively having over 80 years of knowledge, skill and experience as consultants, advisors and trainers in the clean energy environment.
    • Trainers have authored and co-authored several books and training manuals on solar PV system design installation, maintenance and inspection.


    Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience, having Masters in Renewable Energy and a practitioner of Solar Energy Design and Implementation projects. Adept in hands-on implementation. Successfully delivered many Solar Energy training programs all across the world.