IITC’s Maintenance service is a wide-ranging portfolio of support that's rapid, responsive, reliable and affordable

To maintain your systems at peak performance, IITC provides both preventive maintenance and diagnostic/repair services and they can scale these up or down according to the requirements of your organisation. The operations supported span the whole spectrum of business from servers, storages, data centers and from critical global networks to single-site or departmental systems.

IITC’s maintenance is ideal for organisations that need to budget accurately for their support costs. As contracts cover the whole of your hardware environment, you avoid any unexpected charges during the year and you avoid the problem of managing multiple service agreements.

IITC has created a service portfolio to satisfy virtually all your support needs and it operates at different service levels and various options, so you can choose the most appropriate support strategy for your business. You can select optional deliverables and choose from a range of response times and service windows