Most of us use cloud computing all day long without realizing it. When you sit at your PC and type a query into Google, the computer on your desk isn't playing much part in finding the answers you need: it's no more than a messenger. The words you type are swiftly shuttled over the Net to one of Google's hundreds of thousands of clustered PCs, which dig out your results and send them promptly back to you.

What makes cloud computing different?

  • It's managed – by someone on your behalf
  • Its On-Demand – it’s on pay as you go “Subscription basis”
  • Its public or private – cloud equivalent of internet or intranet

IITC along with partner offer cloud based solutions on Oracle, SAP etc. platforms. Managed Cloud Services enable organizations to leverage the investments to extend into the cloud with greater value, choice, and confidence. They deliver enterprise-grade, end-to-end managed cloud services across its broad portfolio of business applications, middleware, database, and hardware technologies.