Consulting Services

We help customers build the most successful IT initiative by fusing your business strategy, technology strategy and operation need. Our business consultants’ network provides business consultation to all industry verticals. We partner with market leaders in consulting space to provide right solution for our client requirement. When you are on a day-to-day business it may sometimes become difficult for you to locate the specific shortcoming of your business. As an external consulting partner it is often easier for us to identify areas for improvement.

Also, we help decide customers implementing any new technology by assessing the reliability and organizational benefits. Our expert’s suggestions provide customers with the detailed insight to streamline your business functions complete with ROI expectations.

IT Strategy Plan

IT professional services and consultancy forms the cornerstone of our business. IITC shall work with our customers to help them strategically plan, design and implement IT solutions that will enhance their business and provide them with a real competitive edge. Whether you want us to work alongside your own IT team as a specialist resource, handle a discreet ICT strategy review or project manage a new infrastructure deployment, IITC would love to get involved.

Networking & Security

We plan, design, implement and operate to offer you a reliable, scalable and secure network through our network consulting portfolio. The portfolio also offers services to help you manage your network to ensure reliable performance for mission-critical applications and end users.

Our expertise in networking encompasses areas which include Network/Traffic Data collection, multilayer switching, Network Admission Control, Application knowledge, Bandwidth management will ensure that we always offer the best solution to our customers.

Process Enhancement

We will carefully analyze and measure the effectiveness of customer’s current business practices and processes, identify deficiency factor in existing business process, prepare new process model which is optimally fit for the clients and developing solutions scenario on that basis...


With constant evolvement of technology it is imperative for business to invest in robust IT strategies. But is it worth the time for companies to divert its resources from core competency areas of business to technology growth? Outsourcing enables companies to focus on their core business areas while getting the competitive advantage of IT. Without a trusted IT outsourcing consultant with experience in both business management and technology, some outsourcing experiences fail to live up to expectations...

IT Infrastructure Consulting

With technology increasingly growing complex, evaluating and deploying the best possible IT solutions for your organization to optimize network efficiency and overall business performance is essential. We believe capabilities, experience and resources are the three most important ingredients to map your business to success path. We combine our highly-skilled professionals with proven methodologies developed through real world experience with our many clients to address your current and emerging business requirement and objectives...